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Hybrid Campers For Sale in Australia

If you’ve recently done a Google Search for Hybrid Campers For Sale Australia, then chances are you are an adventure seeker. The best hybrid campers offer the luxury of a caravan with the offroad ability of a hardcore camper trailer. These robust campers feature an array of outdoor luxuries, such as pull-out kitchens, fridge slides, pantries, and TV points.


The best thing about a hybrid camper is that they come in a variety of sizes and weights. There are 11-13 foot models for couples and larger 15-18 foot models for families. There has been a boom in hybrid camper sales over the past two years due to Covid-19.


Hybrid Camper Trailers For Sale

When you search for hybrid camper trailers for sale, you are greeted by a wide variety of makes and models. For those on a tight budget, we suggest looking at imported models. If you have a higher budget and want to support Australian jobs, consider an Australian manufacturer.


Like all RV buying decisions, your best hybrid camper will be the one that fits your budget and feature list. There is no point in looking at Facebook Groups, or individual manufacturer websites. You’ll get a biased view and this can confuse you as a buyer. This is why we believe there is an RV for every kind of camper.

Thankfully, finding the best hybrid camper trailer is easy thanks to our revolutionary Camper Trailer and Hybrid Campers website.


Simply choose your category (Hybrid Campers), then select your budget. Alternatively, you can used the advanced filters to really drill down into the features, weights, and inclusions you want. Finally, from the list, hit the compare button and view the RVs in an easy to read table. I bet your’e glad you googled “Hybrid Campers For Sale Australia” now.


What are the best hybrid campers?

It really depends on two major factors. Your budget and your legal towing limits. Know these before you start your search. We believe that all RVs will experience a failure at some point in time. With this in mind, find out if your manufacturer or dealer offers exceptional after-sales service. Make sure they can get parts easily and take time to read their warranty terms and conditions. Even the most expensive RV will encounter an issue.


In short, the best hybrid camper is the one that fits your budget, meets your camping needs, and is safe to tow. Happy camping.


Who makes the best Australian Hybrid Campers?

This question has been asked a million times across the internet and everyone has a different opinion. There are certainly some amazing hybrid campers out there. Look for brands like Rhinomax, Australian OffRoad, Complete Campsite, Altitude, Zone RV, and Condamine Campers. This is not an exhaustive list by any means. Use our search tool to find the right hybrid camper for you.


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    The team at Camper Trailers and Hybrids have a great search filter. I found my ideal pod camper in minutes, and now it's on order. Awesome website.
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    We bought a hybrid camper from Austrack Campers. The Tanami x13 was perfect for us as a young couple.
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    As we got older we wanted something light to pull and easy to setup. We bought a pod camper from Stockman Rover. Amazing piece of kit.
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    I'm travelling solo with my teardrop camper from Caretta. I love it. Thanks to this website, the buying process was easy.

    Hybrid Camper FAQ's

    It just depends on the size of the caravan and hybrid camper you have compared. In most cases, a hybrid camper will weight more than a comparable sized caravan, but not always. It’s best to check the TARE, AGM, and payload with any RV you purchase.

    We define a hybrid camper by two distinctive design features. A hybrid will usually have internal and external storage, a queen or king bed inside, and often a combined shower/toilet. The kitchen and fridge is stored as a pull-out on the passenger side.

    This can be a difficult answer to give. Manufacturers have come along way when it comes to importing camper trailer and hybrid shells. In saying that, a notable difference is the weight, chassis, grade of suspension, and some fittings. In our opinion, buy what you can afford and enjoy the road ahead.

    There will always be a trade-off between the ideal towing weight and the necessities you need for off-grid camping. On average, a person uses 8 litres of water per day. If you are a couple and you want to be off-grid for a week. Consider 200l of fresh water adequate. Ideally you should carry a grey water tank and enough battery/gas for the trip too. We run 400aH battery, 400w solar, 9kg Gas, and 200L freshwater, 120L grey water tank, plus jerry cans.

    A hybrid camper allows you to go exactly where your 4WD was supposed to go (off-road). A hybrid camper is typically the same width as most tow vehicles so it tracks along the same path as your 4WD tyres. The combination of caravan comfort combined with offroad-ability makes hybrids a good fit for adventurous people.

    It depends on the manufacturer really. In some cases, we have seen people order and collect their hybrid campers within a week, however, popular models or Aussie-built models can sometimes take several months.

    The joy of owning a camper trailer or hybrid far outweighs the challenges of researching, comparing, and purchasing your chosen RV. We are here to simplify that process.

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