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There has been a recent boom in the past few years to buy a new caravan, mostly due to Coronavirus hampering our overseas travel plans. Caravans offer families a sense of freedom and can accommodate the kids, some home luxuries, bikes, and much more.


Although new caravans are higher priced, you get a lot for your money. Expect to pay between $45,000 to over $100k for a new van in Australia.


Caravans come in different styles, such as Poptop, Expanda, On-Road, and Off-Road. Each style has pros and cons as you’ll see when you begin your research.


So, if you are looking to become a new caravan owner, how do you choose the best family caravan?


Who makes the best caravans in Australia?

When looking for the best caravan in Australia, your decision must be based on your particular criteria. Many can be tempted by discussions or reviews from owners groups on Facebook. Some will take the RV salesman at face value. There is no point in looking at Facebook Groups, or individual manufacturer websites. You’ll get a biased view and this can confuse you as a buyer. This is why we believe there is an RV for every kind of camper.


Finding the best caravan for you is easy thanks to our revolutionary Camper Trailer and Hybrid Campers website.


Simply choose your category (Caravans), select the options important to you, and choose your budget. Finally, from the list, hit the compare button and view the RVs in an easy to read table.


What are Off Road Caravans?

An off-road caravan is usually spotted easily as they have mud-terrain wheels, serious off-road suspension, and a mountain of useable storage.  The downside is that they are usually very heavy to tow, so you need to consider your tow vehicle and the overall weights to ensure your passengers’ safety.


Their tow hitch allows for full 360-degree articulation, which is needed in the harsh terrain of Australia. 


The easiest way to buy a new caravan is here …

Finding the right caravan can be difficult, even for experienced campers. The easiest way to buy new RV is to use our search tool. Make sure you used the advanced filters to fine-tune your search, then hit compare.
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    The team at Camper Trailers and Hybrids have a great search filter. I found my ideal pod camper in minutes, and now it's on order. Awesome website.
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    We bought a hybrid camper from Austrack Campers. The Tanami x13 was perfect for us as a young couple.
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    As we got older we wanted something light to pull and easy to setup. We bought a pod camper from Stockman Rover. Amazing piece of kit.
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    I'm travelling solo with my teardrop camper from Caretta. I love it. Thanks to this website, the buying process was easy.

    New Caravan FAQ's

    Poptop Caravans have been held in high esteem for decades. They offer owners a lightweight, more streamlined RV that generally deliver better fuel economy that a full height on-road caravan. The only downside in our opinion is the lack of overhead cupboards, a smaller height fridge, and some canvas to keep clean. The jury is out on insulation properties given the canvas pop-up section.

    The quick answer is YES, but there is BUT.

    Imported caravans have come along way over the past few years, however they are built to a price. You get alot for your money but consider the build quality and resale value. In our opinion, build quality, warranty, and after sales service should be listed as a high priority.

    This is a personal choice. It depends of your level of 4×4 driving experience, and the destinations you wish to visit. An offroad caravan is usually heavier, and is made to handle corrugations better than an on-road van.

    Ensuites either come in a combined shower/toilet setup or they are separated into a shower and toilet in a section of the caravan.

    With a combined shower/toilet ensuite you need to consider that the toilet seat will get wet everytime you have a shower.

    You generally have more space in a separate ensuite for drying yourself, and is some cases you also have a washing machine.

    internal caravan layout
    Typical Internal Caravan Layout
    The joy of owning a camper trailer or hybrid far outweighs the challenges of researching, comparing, and purchasing your chosen RV. We are here to simplify that process.

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