Marity Hair Dryer 12V

The Marity 12V Hair Dryer is ideal for use on the go! Featuring a compact design with folding handle for easy storage, two speed / heat settings and over heating protection, this is ideal for camping, festivals, caravans and motor homes. With an included 1.2 metre power cable, simply plug into 12v vehicle power socket or other portable 12v power supply.

Please note: A minimum 20A fuse is required to run this unit. Failure to do so may result in a blown fuse. This is not warrantable. You need to upgrade your wiring & fuses.

WARNING: A 12v hair dryer will never be anything like your home hair dryer. It will be worse than the worst household hair dryer you've ever tried. It will be much weaker, and much slower. But you're camping – so we arent in a hurry to do anything usually! If we're lucky anyway. This is a great 12v hair dryer if you come at it with this approach. We sell many every year & most are happy with the compromise.

Some arent happy to accept this – you'll see their reviews – but there are hundreds of others who are very happy. If the majority werent happy – we would stop selling this item. But we hope you buy this item informed.

NOTE! If you wish to take your normal hair dryer camping – you can! But it'll cost you a fair bit to get setup just for this. You will need to buy a very large 12v inverter. Please use our search system and search for 12v inverter – the largest we currently sell at the time of writing is 1800w and has a RRP of $1084.22 – we're always on the hunt for bigger – so just search for 12v Inverter – and see our range. You'll need to check how many watts your household hair dryer uses. For instance – the Remington Aero Hair Dryer uses 2000W – so its too big for this inverter.

At the time of writing, KMart sell a 1200W hair dryer that's very cheap at only $10, so you could get this & the 1800W inverter and this would work a lot better than the 12v hair dryer. But it'll cost you considerably more to setup for this – if this is all you want to do with the inverter. Inverters are of course great for running lots of other 240v appliances – and this is how many people justify this.


Ok, so you've made the decision to use the 12v hair dryer. Here are some tips on how to enjoy using it and get the most out of it.

Plug it into your cars ciga outlet.
Turn your car on.
Dry your hair whilst leaving the car running.

OK – I hope you've found this information enjoyable & has helped you decide whether a 12v hair dryer is right for you. Happy Camping!


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