Projecta Power-Hub Battery Box

Projectas new PH125 Portable Power-Hub is designed to make power available anywhere at any time. Power-Hub turns your 12 volt battery into a convenient, versatile and user friendly device allowing you to venture further off the beaten track than ever before while still having power available to charge and run all your devices and appliances.

With a staggering 10 power outlets, the Power-Hub allows you total freedom to charge or power multiple devices simultaneously. Power outlets include a 240V AC socket providing clean Pure Sine Wave power, USB, Cigarette Lighter, Engel, 50A Heavy Duty and Merit sockets as well as DC Terminals.

The Power-Hub is an ideal alternative to a conventional dual battery system with the added bonus of allowing you to take power away from your vehicle and its versatility makes it ideal for a wide range of applications including camping, caravanning, on the work site, in the backyard or on 4WD expeditions.

The Power-Hub is ergonomically designed for outdoor applications with gutters moulded into the top housing to allow water to drain away from vital electrics, weatherproof covers to shield the plugs and sockets with a slot allowing the cords to remain plugged in while the cover is closed. Soft touch over-moulded handles provide maximum grip comfort and double as tie down points to secure it from moving around your vehicle

Applications for the PH125

Dual battery system alternative with vehicles having less and less space to fit a second battery the PH125 is the ideal alternative, simply fit it in place when required and remove it when it is not. It has the added bonus that upon arriving at the destination the power source can be taken away from the vehicle
Camping and caravanning PH125 allows campers and caravanners to venture further than ever before as they can take power with them rather than requiring to pull up at a camp or caravan site to get the power they need
Powering a fridge the 10 power outlets make the PH125 ideal for powering almost anything but the inclusion of the Engel type socket makes the PH125 perfect for powering fridges anywhere
On the worksite the addition of the 300W Pure Sine inverter means that the PH125 will not only power a fridge at a worksite but it also allows charging of power tools.

* Please Note: Battery is not included.

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