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Slide-On Campers For Sale in Australia

OK, so you’ve searched for “buy slide-on campers australia“, and now you want to know the best slide-on campers. Well, it’s not that easy. What criteria do you look for in a slide-on camper? You see, matching your search criteria is paramount when selecting a slide-on camper for your needs.


Purchasing your next RV, is never as easy as buying the highest rated slide-on, or one that’s won the most RV awards. If the Slide-On is too heavy or doesn’t meet your living needs then it’s not the best choice. It doesn’t matter if advertising says it won Slide-On of the Year. The Best Slide-On Campers are the models that fit your camping lifestyle.


Slide-On Campers For Sale – Australia

Slide-On Campers are weighed using the Dry Weight method. Make sure your vehicle can handle that weight plus your added payload.


There is no point looking at Facebook Groups, or individual manufacturer websites. You’ll get a biased view and this can confuse you as a buyer. This is why we believe there is an RV for every kind of camper. Finding the perfect slide-on camper for you is easy thanks to our revolutionary Camper Trailer and Hybrid Campers website.


Simply choose your category (Slide-On Campers), then select your budget. Alternatively, you can use the advanced filters to really drill down into the features, weights, and inclusions you want. Finally, from the list, hit the compare button and view the RVs in an easy to read table. I bet you’re glad you googled “Buy Slide-On Campers Australia” now.


What are Slide-On Campers – Australia

A slide on camper is simply a ute camper which slides onto the back of a pickup/utility vehicle that has a flat tray or platform it can be mounted on. In some cases, the camper might be a permanent fixture, while other designs allow for dropdown legs to be lowered to make the slide-on freestanding. This allows you to use the ute/vehicle independently.


Slide-On campers can be manufactured and deployed in different stages. They call them Classes. We’ve broken these classes down in simple terms:

  • Class 1: Fixed canopy on a ute/tray based vehicle. Sometimes with or without a roof-top tent. They range in price from $5k-$20k
  • Class 2: Typically includes space for a kitchen, sleeping area, and seating. Usually much bigger and may include canvas rooms. Typically priced around $35-$50k
  • Class 3: Cab over Slide-On Camper. These models usually have a sleeping area over the drivers seating position. They are usually quite large and suitable for a couple or small family.


More info about Slide-On Camper Trailers – Australia

A slide-on is perfect for adventure seekers who want a simple setup. They often dislike towing a trailer and like quick setups. Teardrop trailers and Pod Trailers are often used by couples with a smaller vehicle, whereas Slide-On owners have rugged 4WD vehicles/utes, or flatbed trucks.


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