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When you do a Google search for “Buy a Teardrop Camper – Australia, you are greeted by countless designs from across Australia and in some cases, the global market. Choosing the right teardrop offroad camper in Australia can be a difficult choice.


Searching for Teardrop Camper Trailers – Australia

Many people have a small towing vehicle, and really love the cool retro look that a teardrop camper trailer offers. Those rounded roofs, classic lines, and quirky colour schemes add to the retro look of these vans.


Finding the best teardrop camper trailer for you is easy thanks to our revolutionary Camper Trailer and Hybrid Campers website.


Simply choose your category (Teardrop Campers), then select your budget. Alternatively, you can use the advanced filters to really drill down into the features, weights, and inclusions you want. Finally, from the list, hit the compare button and view the RVs in an easy to read table. I bet you’re glad you googled “Buy Teardrop Campers Australia” now.


What are Teardrop Off Road Campers?

First of all, from a functionality point of view, teardrop campers are much like pod camper trailers. The only distinctive difference is their body shape. Teardrop Campers can often be lighter than the Pod Campers on the market too, so if size and weight is a key factor, consider a Teardrop Camper. An offroad teardrop camper will weigh more than their road model due to the chassis, suspension, wheels, and rugged build. Ideally, you want good ground clearance too in a Teardrop Offroad Camper.


Teardrop Campers for Sale

There are many manufacturers in Australia now selling Teardrop Campers. Many manufacturers offer on-road models and off-road models. The on-road models are approx. 500kg in weight, while the offroad models can range up to 1500kg in weight. If you are looking to buy a teardrop camper trailer, we suggest buying from an Australian company that specializes in this format. Key considerations should be bed comfort, storage capacity, offroad ability, kitchen layout, and resale value.


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    Teardrop Camper FAQ's

    No. Let me explain. A Pod Camper is not typically shaped like a Teardrop Camper. Pod Campers can be shaped a number of different ways, whereas Teardrop Campers always have that retro teadrop shape about them.

    In our opinion they should be fine for reasonable grade dirt roads, or firm national park entry points. If you were ask me whether I’d pull one across the Gibb River Road, I’d say “I doubt it”.

    Entry level teardrop campers can be found in the early $20,000 range, all the way up to $40,000 for a top of the range model.

    Singles or Couples with a mid-sized car can easily tow these campers. If you just want a cool looking camping rig with that retro 70’s style, look no further than a Teardrop Camper. They often have funky rear kitchens. They are not usually made for off-grid living.

    Smidge teardrop camper with mini

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    As we got older we wanted something light to pull and easy to setup. We bought a pod camper from Stockman Rover. Amazing piece of kit.
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    I'm travelling solo with my teardrop camper from Caretta. I love it. Thanks to this website, the buying process was easy.
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