Top 5 Caravan Security Tips
Top 5 Caravan Security Tips

Top 5 Caravan Security Tips

August 29, 2021

We will provide you with our Top 5 Caravan Security Tips.


Did you know? According to recent reports, (www.caravanindustrynews.com.au), caravan theft is a significant and growing problem, with caravans being a prime target for thieves. It is estimated that between 400-600 caravans are reported stolen each year in Australia, representing a major inconvenience to their owners.


The question is, how can you stop your caravan, camper trailer, or hybrid camper from being stolen?

Our Top 5 Caravan Security Tips

Milenco - Top 5 Caravan Security Tips
1. Hitch Locks

Although not a full deterrant, a hitch lock will make it somewhat harder for a would-be thief to tow your trailer away. Brands like Milenco, Kovix, Ark and Purpleline offer a basic level of security. Look for a known and trusted brand that build a quality hitch lock. This should be yourt first line of defence.

wheel clamp - Top 5 Caravan Security Tips

2. Wheel Clamps

The Nemesis by Purpleline offers a robust level of security, although it can be a nightmare to attach and remove. We bought one for our expensive camper trailer and only used it when it was in storage or we left it at a free camp site. There are other brands by Milenco, and of course the ebay options, but we can’t comment on the quality of those items.

gps tracking - Top 5 Caravan Security Tips

3. GPS Trackers

Protekt offer a Caravan GPS unit that runs off 12v power and has a 400mAh backup battery. With 24/7 Live Tracking access, remotely activated 115db siren and highly intelligent functionality, you will rest assured knowing that your Caravan is protected with the absolute latest in GPS tracking technology that is currently available.

Note: You have to pay a subscription fee for the simcard and monitoring system via their downloadable app. It does not stop the theft, but it will track the thieves.

light and camera - Top 5 Caravan Security Tips

4. Security Lights and  IP Cameras

Yes, I know I placed two items in one! Just like home, a security light (sensor light) will trigger if there is movement around your van at night. It won’t help during the day, but it will make the thief think twice at night if a light comes on. The bonus is that you won’t trip over your step after that midnight dash to the toilet. A wi-fi based IP security camera pointed at your RV is also a great option. The infra-red sensors will detect motion and begin recording the offender. Look for a quality camera with the low light ability and optional outbound voice messaging (ie. you are being watched)

5. Wi-Ti Security system

The WiTi Anti-Theft device detects movement via a highly sensitive gyroscope. If a caravan / trailer is hitched or moved slightly whilst the Anti-Theft is active then WiTi immediately locks the brakes, flashes all the lights and sounds an alarm. The caravan or camper trailer is completely immobilised and will be impossible to tow. 

The bottomline – if you can afford one, buy it. At $499 it’s a game changer.

Top 5 Caravan Security Tips – Our Summary

It’s not uncommon to spend thousands, or even tens of thousands of dollars on your camper trailer, hybrid camper, or caravan. They represent a significant financial investment, as well as an emotional investment. For some people, their RV is their home. If you value your home and its contents, you get insurance. In many cases, you also opt for a security door, a strong mesh screen, security cameras, and perhaps an alarm.

It makes sense then to align the philosophy of protecting your home with protecting your RV. Whether you spend $50 on a hitch lock or $499 on the WiTi system is irrelevant. Just protect your assets and enjoy the freedom that camping offers you and your loved ones.

Stay safe these holidays

Stay safe from the team at Camper Trailers and Hybrid Campers.

If your RV is stolen, register your details on:

Stolen Caravan Registry

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